Services & Prices

Overnight Boarding

$36 per night per pet

$5 a day for all day play in the social groups

Each run is approximately 4′ x 12′ with heated/bedded inner kennel, doggie door, and outer kennel, fully covered

Cat Boarding

$29 per night per cat includes tall kitty condo, food, litter box/kitty litter

Doggie Daycare

$23 for a full day (more than 4.5 hours)

20 full days pre-paid discount rate for $440 ($22 per full day)

$15 for a half day (less than 4.5 hours)

20 half days pre-paid discount rate for $280 ($14 per half day)

VIP Boarding & Daycare

Luxury Bathing

Treat your pet to this luxurious experience where we double scrub their coat with oatmeal shampoo, a deep conditioner soak, dry your pet, apply leave in conditioner and a full brush out. Your pet will look, smell, and feel amazing! Prices range from $30 – $60 depending on size, length of hair and the condition of your pet’s coat.

VIP Boarding & Daycare

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